Populate a disk from its backing image chain


blockpull     domain     path     bandwidth     base  --wait    --verbose    --timeout   seconds  --async    


Name Required? Description
  domain required The name of the domain on which to act.
  path required The fully-qualified path of the disk. See "domblklist" for listing these names.
  bandwidth optional Copying bandwidth limit in MiB/s.
  base optional Stop at a specific backing image instead of flattening the entire chain.
--wait   optional Block until the operation completes instead of returning as soon as possible while the operation runs in the background.
--verbose   optional Print periodic status updates when used together with "--wait".
--timeout   seconds optional Cancel the operation if the timeout elapses. Use together with "--wait".
--async   optional Return as soon as possible.


Available from libvirt 0.9.4 onwards

Platform or Hypervisor specific notes

None yet

Usage examples

virsh # blockpull example-domain vda
Start populating vda from its backing image chain and return immediately.
virsh # blockpull example-domain vda --wait
Populate vda from its backing image chain and wait for the operation to complete.
virsh # blockpull example-domain vda 0 /path/to/backing.img
Start populating vda from its backing image chain up to /path/to/backing.img and return immediately. /path/to/backing.img and its backing images will not be flattened. Note that the 0 means unlimited bandwidth and is necessary because bandwidth and base are positional arguments.

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