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Trust, Confidentiality, and Hardening: The VIRTIO Lessons with Michael S. Tsirkin at Linux Plumbers Conference 2023, slides (pdf)

vhost-user-blk: A fast userspace block I/O interface at FOSDEM 2023, slides (pdf)


QEMU Block Layer Features & Concepts, slides (pdf)

Introducing the libblkio High-Performance Block I/O API at KVM Forum 2022/Open Source Summit Europe 2022, slides (pdf)

What's coming in VIRTIO 1.2: New virtual I/O devices and features at FOSDEM 2022, slides (pdf)


Live Migrating VFIO, vhost-user, and vfio-user Devices: Out-of-process Device Migration at KVM Forum 2021, slides (pdf)

Bring Your Own Virtual Devices: Frameworks for Software and Hardware Device Virtualization at VHPC 2021, slides (pdf)

The Evolution of File Descriptor Monitoring in Linux: From select(2) to io_uring at FOSDEM 2021, slides (pdf)


Optimizing for NVMe Drives: The 10 Microsecond Challenge at KVM Forum 2020, slides (pdf)

virtio-fs: A Shared File System for Virtual Machines at FOSDEM '20, slides (pdf)


Virtio-fs for Kata Containers storage at Kata Containers Architecture Committee Call, slides (pdf)

virtio-fs: A Shared File System for Virtual Machines at KVM Forum 2019, slides (pdf)


Security in QEMU: How Virtual Machines provide Isolation at KVM Forum 2018, slides (pdf)


Applying Polling Techniques to QEMU: Reducing virtio-blk I/O Latency at KVM Forum 2017, slides (pdf)

Using NVDIMM under KVM: Applications of persistent memory in virtualization at FOSDEM 2017, slides (pdf)


QEMU Community Growth Through Open Source Internships at KVM Forum 2016, slides (pdf)

NFS over virtio-vsock: Host/guest file sharing for virtual machines at Connectathon 2016, slides (pdf)


Speeding up your kernel development cycle with QEMU at Kernel Recipes 2015, slides (pdf)

virtio-vsock: Zero-configuration host/guest communication at KVM Forum 2015, slides (pdf)

KVM Architecture Overview: 2015 Edition, slides (pdf)

Observability in KVM: Troubleshooting virtual machines at FOSDEM 2015, slides (pdf)


Towards multi-threaded device emulation in QEMU at KVM Forum 2014, slides (pdf)

User Case Study: Tracing in the QEMU emulator at Tracing Summit 2014, slides (pdf)

VIRTIO 1.0: Paravirtualized I/O for KVM and beyond at 2014, slides (pdf)


Block Layer Status Report at KVM Forum 2013 with Kevin Wolf, slides (pdf)

QEMU Code Overview, high-level training material for new QEMU contributors, slides (pdf)


GlusterFS for KVM Users and Developers at KVM Forum 2012, slides (pdf)


Running and Tuning KVM at LinuxCon North America 2011, slides (pdf)

Virtio SCSI: An alternative virtualized storage stack for KVM at KVM Forum 2011 with Paolo Bonzini, slides (pdf)

An Updated Overview of the QEMU Storage Stack at LinuxCon Japan 2011, slides (pdf)


Optimizing the QEMU Storage Stack at Linux Plumbers Conference 2010, slides (pdf)


MORPHUZZ: Bending (Input) Space to Fuzz Virtual Devices in 31st USENIX Security Symposium (USENIX Security 22), paper link

QEMU/CPC: Static Analysis and CPS Conversion for Safe, Portable, and Efficient Coroutines in PEPM '14 Proceedings of the ACM SIGPLAN 2014 Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation, paper (pdf)